A Nine on an Alphabetical Scale
A Nine on an Alphabetical Scale z berg/ langely fox stories

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A Nine on an Alphabetical Scale

A sign in the window reads “How mad are they?”. It displays progressively larger bouquets captioned A through F.

"Oh my God, I need your help, it's a nine!" a short man wearing a lavender hoodie rushes into Gabanti Flowers.

The significantly taller man behind the counter, sporting a torn green sweater and long, flowing hair springs into action.

"Gabey," he says in a smooth, flowing voice, "I'm going to need two dozen pink carnations and a disgusting amount of daisies.

" a manic gleam lights his eyes as he grabs the stunned customer, and drags him into the back of the store.

"Cariño, let el niño breathe a little" An even TALLER man interjects. The shorter individual, one Brendon Urie is fearing for his life as these two giants argue above his head.

"Gabanti, luz de mi vida, we only get un nueve once every couple years. Let me live un poco." "Gabanti" sighs, "trabaja the counter, Angel." Brendon gazes up at him eyes wide.

"Help me" he mouths.

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