A Night To Remember
A Night To Remember finnian (kuroshitsuji) stories

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A Night To Remember

Ciel Phantomhive sipped a glass of cola as he watched in disinterest the life of the party around him.

To his left, a crowd of students pushed and shoved towards the snack bar that stretched along the back wall of the venue,

and ahead of the table where he was seated were a bunch of people bouncing to music on the dance floor.

Colourful stage lights flashed across the area and above the floor a hanging disco ball shone brightly like shimmering stars.

The décor spelt the term fancy with crisp white tablecloths, elegant flower vases and twinkling fairy lights, but Ciel didn’t take any interest to the decoration as he stared down at his phone.

Thankfully his parents weren’t with him now; he already endured the stress and embarrassment hours ago getting ready for photos.

His hair was constantly fiddled by the hands of his mother for it to say on his perfect angle, and his father cheerfully reminded him repetitively to smile for the camera.

And to top it off, they thought it was a brilliant idea for his son to stand where the sun blinded his eyes, of course, in order for the sunlight to emphasise the colour of navy on his suit.

Ciel continued to scroll through his phone as the tuneless shouts of lyrics from the dancing students rang across the room.

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