A New Start
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A New Start

It was seven in the afternoon and Scott was waiting on the porch waiting for his mom to return from the Child Protective Services.

About a week ago his mom sat him down at the kitchen table to explain that they would be a temporary foster home to a troubled kid who needed a place to stay.

Some people from CPS had brought him to the hospital to get him checked out. His mom treated him for several injuries he had sustained.

When they mentioned to her that he would have to stay at a local shelter while they figure out where to send him, she spoke up and offered up their home.

Scott admired his mom for that. She has always been a loving and empathetic person. But this is a little crazy.

“’Troubled’,” Scott said. “Troubled how? Is he, like, dangerous?”

“No,” his mom said quickly. “No, of course not. He’s just had a rough life.”

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