A New Start
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fanfic by charm2999 adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A New Start

Harry walked into the shop one morning looking even more exhausted then normal.

He had large bags under his eyes, his hair looked like a worse disaster than usual and he looked like he'd been dragged through hell and back.

George watched his friend walk in and had to stop himself from falling over in shock at the mans appearance

"You alright there mate?" He asked cautiously, afraid that Harry might explode if be applied to much pressure

"Never better." Harry's drawl dripped with sarcasm as he replied.

"Well good to know, we've got lots of things to get done today! Now how bought you perk up or better yet...

You wait here I'm get some of them laughing poppers I've been playing with and we'll have a little experiment"

"Oh knock it off George" Harry said as he walked over to the chair behind the main desk and sat down putting his head in his hands.

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