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A little boy in this big world With colorful dreams
By herooooo1 https://www.reddit.com/r/...

A new person

by herooooo1

A little boy in this big world

With colorful dreams

In a heavy gambling

I don't want to do anything even trying

My work is with cards and chips

My happiness is when 100 of them is in front of me

Outside of the table, I want to shutdown my brain, Can't find the fuse of it

Left of the bridge, flowers on my right side

The things that were my dreams yesterday is nothing for me now

I dont remember last time that I was happy, I don't have any feelings, just standing

My body is in the same place but there is no spirit

It reaches the moment that when I'll look at the mirror, I see another person taking my place

Another person is taking my place,

It looks like me but its not me

Like a shadow follow me

I escape from myself

The world is oneday good to me

And another day nightmares

I circle around myself

I'm a dot outside of circles

A normal work with an attractive thought

Feets on the ground but the fan of flying

an interesting work that follow up

Sleeping well, don't let to wake up sadly

A normal person looking for intense excitement,

unusual, everyday a new life

Open Thinking, without hatred in the heart

The way get close, looking for a light in end of tunnel

A normal routine, but it doesn't repeated

And if they asked, it wouldn't denied

A better condition in a more difficult way, that be number1 if you go anyway

Throw away fake advises, searching for the core situations

A normal state, a special person, a way get close it became another person again

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