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A fiction by righbk adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A New Home

Emmeline bit back a whine as the man, who had come to collect her from her cell, yanked painfully on the chain connected to the shackles around her wrists. They were never gentle. Never patient.

She shuffled after the man as fast as her shackled legs would let her, and hoped that she wouldn’t fall down.

If you fell they did not wait for you to get up again, simply dragged you through the cold stone corridors to the auction.

Upon arrival at the auction room, which Emmeline had decided long ago was her least favourite room in the world, she was shackled into her usual spot.

A thin pole which restrained her arms behind her back and kept her ankles uncomfortably spread. She let herself be restrained and only once she heard the man walk away did she dare to look up.

The auction room was busy today, there must have been around thirty omegas all shackled like Emmeline in three neat rows.

She took a moment to roll her neck and enjoy the stretch before quickly dropping her eyes back to the ground.

If the men spotted her being so brazen she would be in trouble, and trouble meant pain.

Thankfully, it seemed that she was one of the last to arrive to the auction so she did not have long to wait before the door to the bottom left of the room opened and a woman walked through,

led by one of the loud men. She could tell from the scent that the woman was an alpha. They were always alphas.

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