A New Found Kink
A New Found Kink jordan mcdeere stories

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A New Found Kink

Jordan was admiring her post-baby body after a quick shower in the floor length mirror in her bedroom, wearing only a thin blue silk robe and some lacy cotton panties to match.

“You’re only as sexy as you feel,” she reminded herself with a big sigh while letting her fingers trail down her body.

She was surprised at how quickly it had returned to normal, despite her breasts being three times their normal size, and, to be honest, how quickly her sex drive had returned.

She cocked her head to the side for what seemed like it’d be another perspective.

She closed her eyes and decided she’d just enjoy the moment of silence and the feeling of her fingertips on her body.

Silently, Danny approached her from behind and ran his hand up her torso and rested it on her breast. He palmed it before tweaking a nipple.

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