A New Beginning
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A New Beginning

Mac and the brunette was walking out of Mac's office when Mac caught Danny's attention and waved him over to them.

«Danny this is Aiden Burn, she is taking over for Ray. I was hoping that since you are the last person to join us that you could show her around.»

«No problem Mac. Just finished my case anyway so I have nothing better to do before you give me a new case.» Danny grinned. «Nice to meet you.

I am Danny Messer, but everyone calls me Danny.» Danny greeted the new CSI once Mac had disappeared into his office again.

«Not Daniel?» The woman grinned teasingly.

«Please no.» Danny shuddered. «The only person that have ever called me Daniel was my Ma, and that was only when I had done something bad.» The woman by his side laughed at that.

«Okay Danny it is. I am Aiden. You been here long?»

«Six months, give or take. And I can't tell you how glad I am that you are joining us now. When I first started it was Mac, Stella, Ray and Fiona.

Fiona transferred shortly after I started working here.» Danny saw how much the young woman wanted to give a teasing remark to that one. «And no, she did not leave because of me. Her

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