A Mother's Love
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A Mother's Love

She just buried the love of her life.

She hasn’t felt a single emotion since she watched Robin’s soul leave his body. She is completely numb.

Zelena holds her hand as they walk to Granny’s. Her baby starts to cry.

Regina thinks with a bittersweet smile as she looks down at her niece. Zelena bounces her with one arm, keeping her other hand tightly around Regina’s.

She’s making a shushing noise but Regina can barely hear it over the ringing in her ears.

She knows whose fault this is but he’s gone.

she reminds herself as she walks closely with her sister. She takes stock of Zelena and notices the unshed tears in her eyes.

Both sisters lost their loves; both had no choice, but that doesn’t make anything easier-does it?

Regina squeezes Zelena’s hand and they share a sad smile. They stand in front of Granny’s; both take a deep breath before they enter.

They’ve since closed their umbrellas; the dreary mist has stopped for the moment and they stand outside for a moment to collect their thoughts.

Both know what is about to happen, they are going to be overwhelmed in the diner but neither knows if it will be a warm welcome.

Even after everything they’ve done to be better, to be “good”, neither knows how the townspeople will react to seeing them.

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