A Most Unsuitable Pastime for a Lady
A Most Unsuitable Pastime for a Lady tom (sherlock) stories

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A short story by missmollybloom adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Most Unsuitable Pastime for a Lady

Sherlock Holmes hadn't believed in any higher power since he was a small boy.

Fate and coincidence were most people's lazy solutions to odd occurrences in their lives they didn't have the capacity to examine or understand.

There was no orchestrator behind the scenes, no deity manoeuvring people to do his bidding, no grand plan. Or so he thought.

Until the morning he and Molly Hooper found themselves reunited in a manner much like the way they first met, eight years earlier - standing over a corpse at a crime scene.

After graduating from university with first class honours in chemistry,

Sherlock soon found himself on the wrong side of his doctoral supervisors when he dared to criticise not only their methodologies and their findings, but their audacity, as he saw it,

to claim to be experts in biochemistry when he already knew more about the field than they ever would. More than that, they weren't even aware of the recent work of M.L.

Hooper, whose articles Sherlock had found scattered throughout recent Journals of Chemistry, Biology and Pathology.

Their ignorance about Hooper's work infuriated him, leading him to call them names much worse than "ignoramus" and "academic reprobates".

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