A Most Ancient Kind of Magic
A Most Ancient Kind of Magic alternate universe stories

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A short story by thedove posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Most Ancient Kind of Magic

Jonathan Strange was delighted to receive the news that he’d be leaving for the Peninsula, and did not for a moment think about the writing on the small of his back.

Such writings on one’s body were a common and natural thing among English men and women, but were considered of such a personal and intimate nature that, naturally,

they were never to be talked about.

In truth a long time had passed since Jonathan, together with his little cousins Margaret, Maria and Georgiana, had enquired about the existence of a place called “Lisbon”,

back in the house in Charlotte-square; and he had no longer thought about it from the moment he first laid eyes on Arabella Woodhope.

She had scarlet lettering around her left ankle, but had never seen his.

But it did not matter for theirs was a marriage of love and he felt he already missed his wife dearly as soon as he boarded the ship that would take him to Portugal.

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