A Moment Late
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A fanfic by raine_wynd adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Moment Late

Duncan sighed in regret as he headed home in the pouring November rain, his mind on the bad date he’d just ended.

So much for the world of Internet matchups, he thought darkly, but he’d been willing to try.

That, he reminded himself, was more than some people, but he’d been feeling a little lonelier than usual.

Most of his friends were scattered across the globe, and even with technology, it seemed just as difficult to connect with them as ever.

He missed having someone nearby; he knew he did better with some semblance of a clan in his life.

As he pressed the button for the elevator of his loft, he felt the presence of another immortal and armed himself warily.

Methos wandered in and out of Duncan’s life as he pleased,

but it had been more than a year since he’d last seen the oldest immortal; the last email Duncan had received from him said something about spending some time in warmer climates.

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