A Mix of Flavours Sweet on the Tongue
A Mix of Flavours Sweet on the Tongue nsfw stories

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A written piece by zetsubooty posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Mix of Flavours Sweet on the Tongue

Tajima’s totally just one combo away from winning this round when the TV, and the house around them, goes dark.

Mihashi squeaks, fumbling and dropping the controller. Tajima snickers, setting his own down on the floor.

The wind slams against the house again, making the glass of the sunroom rattle and drawing another breathless noise from Mihashi.

Without looking, he finds one of Mihashi’s hands in the dark, prying his cold fingers loose. “You’re not scared, are ya?”

He hears more than sees Mihashi’s tentative nod. Followed by a vigorous head shake, and then Mihashi mashing his face against his shoulder.

Tajima can’t help giggling again, leaning his cheek against the top of Mihashi’s head. And then bounding to his feet, dragging Mihashi along with him. “Let’s find some candles!” He only a

bit almost crashes Mihashi into the doorframe.

Mihashi takes the lead once they’re in the kitchen, pulling Tajima over to a drawer and opening it. “I think…this one? I’ll…” He rummages around blindly.

Tajima gets impatient waiting, so he leans in and smooches Mihashi’s cheek.

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