A Miraculous Sleeping Beauty
A Miraculous Sleeping Beauty tikki (miraculous ladybug) stories

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A Miraculous Sleeping Beauty

in a far off kingdom lived the noble house of Agreste. King Gabriel and his queen ruled over their kingdom with a kind and benevolent hand.

The people were content and lived their lives without worry of famine or plague under the Agreste Dynasty.

And when the glorious news was delivered to the people that an heir to the kingdom was born, the people rejoiced and saw the baby’s birth as a sign of peace and prosperity.

A healthy boy was born under the sounds of merriment and much festivities. An official celebration for the child’s birth was planned as the christening of the prince.

The entire kingdom was invited to the celebration, except for one.

One person’s invitation was lost and it seemed that the enchanter by the name of Hawk Moth was not invited.

This man of magic preyed upon the misfortune of others and excelled at creating monsters out of disgruntled people.

And it was because of his wicked talents that he was secluded from the people, which inevitably lead to the misplacement of the invitation.

People fled whenever he went into towns so there was no one to tell him of the good news.

It was because of this oversight that the enchanter plotted and waited until the day of the celebration to reveal his discontent with the gentle king and queen.

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