A Minor Situation
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A Minor Situation

Things were supposed to be simple. Really, they were. There was a plan, a

plan, too.

The Justice League was off in space for the week, leaving the Red Tornado and the Team behind to protect the Earth.

And, since the universe has a twisted, cruel sense of humor, an entire school got taken hostage.

And of course it had to be Artemis's school.

Artemis quickly contacted Red Tornado, who sent out a message to all the other Team members.

Kaldur, Superboy, Miss Martian, and Kid Flash all quickly took the zeta-tube over to Gotham to help with the crisis.

Artemis had managed to smuggle out boys' uniforms during the period that she was waiting for them, so the Team quickly disguised themselves and started to blend in with the other students.

Robin did not respond to his communicator. Although it was mildly worrying, it was not without precedence, so the Team decided to proceed with out him.

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