A Million Lies (A Single Truth)
A Million Lies (A Single Truth) lewis/vivi stories

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short story by gypsywriter135 adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Million Lies (A Single Truth)

Lewis was not a handy man… ghost.

He was rubbish with machines (the van was Arthur’s, they were a packaged deal), and was lucky that he knew how to use the internet.

Which was why he was completely useless as Arthur fixed the smoking engine on the side of the road.

The blond was half buried in the hood and Lewis could only float nearby as he attempted to know what his friend was doing.

Occasionally Arthur would ask him to hand him a tool, and Lewis would just stare at the man’s toolbox until Arthur got impatient and did it himself.

Vivi and Mystery had left a while ago to go back a few miles where a gas station was to grab some fuel for both the group and the vehicle. Arthur was hard at work.

“Hand me the torque wrench.”

Lewis followed his orders.

“No, the

wrench, Lew.”

Lewis complied.


Lewis nodded.

“Lewis, this is a screwdriver.”

Lewis took the tool back and replaced it with another.

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