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A Mess of Ordinary Stories

So there’s this tradition in Starfleet when a cadet graduates.

When you step off the stage after accepting your degree, you’re supposed to slip your cadet dogtags off your neck and give them to the person who helped you graduate, who got you through it.

Most, predictably, give it to their moms. Some, their dads, who served themselves. Usually, their significant others.

Jim’s mom couldn’t make it. And well, everyone knows why his dad wasn’t there (a fact the admirals keep wanting him to cash in on–they even asked him to make a speech at graduation.

Pike told them where to stick it.)

Anyway, they graduate the Bridge Crew of the Enterprise first–the ones who hadn’t. It’s mostly ceremonial recognition but Jim’s glad for it.

He’s not usually nervous on stage–although large crowds have made him anxious since he was thirteen–but it’s hot and his ribs still burn and he’s so damn tired.

He hasn’t slept since, well, before his hearing. And that was only a few weeks ago. Fuck.

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