A Meeting Of Minds
A Meeting Of Minds agatha christie stories

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A Meeting Of Minds

Agatha isn’t sure what draws her to look for Virginia, she knows that the woman is smart, and kind of course, but she hadn’t expected their friendship to blossom so quickly.

As the two walked, talked and got to know one another, things had quickly begun to change for them both.

Virginia found she wrote faster and worked her way deeper into every book she wrote, finding herself stuck on editing it.

She wanted to, of course, but she wasn’t sure how to write it and make it work.

Agatha too began to write more, finding that she was very happy to finish her series on Monsieur Poirot,

her work changing as she began to edit and re-read her books with the ‘older woman’ Miss Marple.

Suddenly it made no sense to write Jane Marple as an older woman, instead she wanted to write her younger.

As she began to edit she found that naturally she began to write Jane with the looks of her new friend.

She was aware that there were others who were getting jealous but she had always loved writing women, especially people who had some inner strength and some brains.

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