A Little Tank That Could
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A fanfic by kierakay posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Little Tank That Could

Disclaimer: I do not own the Divergent books, movie franchise or any of the characters from it. I do, however, own the plot and characters you don’t recognize.

With her toothbrush still in her mouth, she jerked open the bathroom door and found her husband sitting up in bed, panting and shaking all over.

"Tank?" Spinner quickly finished up, then rushed to his side, pushing back his sweat-dampened hair with a tender hand. "Baby, what's wrong?"

Eric turned his head away from her as if he was afraid of what she might see. But he couldn't conceal the traces of tormented pain that still lingered on his brow.

He drew in a long breath and blew it out through his nose, his fists clenching at his sides.

She looped her arms around his neck and felt his body grow rigid as she rested her head against his shoulder. "Did you... have a bad dream?"

He ignored her and continued glaring out the dark window.

With a quiet sigh, Spinner hugged him tighter. "Will you please tell me?" She poked out her bottom lip in a tiny pout when he glanced at her out of the corner of his eye. "I always tell you mine.


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