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A Little Green



He doesn’t say why he wants them to come, not exactly. Hell had ears, it was no different from any other place in that regard, after all.

But he adds ‘Fluffy’ and ‘Taco cave of crazy’ (and to Spike, an empathic ‘Do not bring Illyria under any circumstances whatsoever!

’) to make sure their curiosity is peaked, and sits back and waits.

It takes a few days for them to reply back, and promise to be there, but in the end, they all make it on the same day.

Lorne sighed as he saw what was left of ‘the old gang’. Angel looks like he’s been dragged behind a truck, Wesley’s fashion is five years out of date (and a ghost), and Spike is, well, Spike.

And as beaten up and beaten down as they were, they were still the best of what was left of his friends.

It wasn’t the lack of a real sun, the overwhelming armies of demons or heat and humidity that absolutely ruined his best suits that made Los Angeles hell.

No, for Lorne what made LA hell was seeing his friends like this.

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