A Little Bundle of Drama
A Little Bundle of Drama i honestly have no idea where i'm planning to go with this stories

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A Little Bundle of Drama


The boy in question froze at the urgent call of his name and took a deep breath before turning around to face Jean. “What is it, horseface?”

Jean rolled his eyes at him but the uneasy expression adorning his face didn’t disappear. “The commander is calling you to his office.”

“Thanks, I’ll go right now,” Eren announced without any emotion before sidestepping Jean and heading to the commander’s office.

At least that was his intention but Jean’s hand on his arm stopped him. He shot the other boy a questioning look.

“Wait. Tell me something; do you know what this is about?”

Eren didn’t say anything and Jean frowned. “You do, don’t you? It seemed pretty serious to me; what the hell is going on?”

Eren looked Jean in the eyes and was surprised to find concern in the soft browns. But all he could muster was a half-smile and a whisper of, “Let’s hope you will get to find out.”

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