A Little Bit Rock And Roll
A Little Bit Rock And Roll richard woolsey stories

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A fan work by squidgie adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Little Bit Rock And Roll

Rodney leans into the sumptuous, first class leather seat with a groan. He'd just boarded a plane bound for Seattle, courtesy of his new boss - but he didn't have to like it.

Thinking back to earlier in the evening, he grumbles at the thought of so much time off.

Earlier that evening, he'd been happily working at his lab trying to get a little more time in on his latest project.  Yes, he was

supposed to be on vacation as of 12:01am, but he figured that he could get at least a few things done before his management-imposed vacation was to begin.

Earlier in the week his new boss, Laura Cadman, had hustled him into her office soon after taking over the company, singing his praises but insisting that he take some time off to refresh.

Rodney tried every tactic he could, ending up completely blustered as she sat there countering every point, leaving him frustrated and with mandated time off.

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