A Little Bit of Chaos
A Little Bit of Chaos peggy carter/angie martinelli stories

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A Little Bit of Chaos

The phones had been ringing off the hook all morning and Peggy had spent every free moment trying to placate the angry voices on the other end of the line.

By the time her lunch break rolled around she armed herself with a cup of coffee and some neglected files then retreated into a deserted lounge in hopes that she would get a

few moments peace before returning to the chaos of her day. Sinking down into the corner of the couch she kicked off her heels and rested her feet on the arm of another chair.

It wasn’t the most head-of-SHIELD behavior, but with no one around to notice she didn’t bother caring.

Enjoying the silence she sipped at her coffee and checked her phone for texts from Angie,

but before she could even unlock the screen it lit up with an incoming call from an all too familiar name.

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