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A Lion

Kai stares, uncomprehending, at the empty hut.

Goda has gone. Taken her possessions, and cleared out.

She doesn’t love him.

A void opens up inside …

She doesn’t love him – maybe never did.

... and he has to tell Arthur.

He won’t get any sympathy, but something’s very wrong.

“Does she know about the signals?”

“Not from me.”

Then it hits him like a charging horse – and tramples him. She used him; ever since Goda raised her voice in song, she’s been using him.

His eyes start stinging. He can barely breathe. Years, he’s spent, building up the confidence of the Celts, and now, in but a single day, it’s all come crashing down.

He’s put them in danger.

Soon, the world will brand him a fool – or worse.

If he’d cut out his heart, and set it on a spike at the entrance to the village, it would have hurt him less.

From some place, very far away, he hears Llud and Arthur discussing plans, readying themselves for action, but it’s just noise; he can’t move.

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