A Life with You
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A Life with You

He had received a late night call some time ago. How long had it been? A month? A few? Time seemed to blur, but the last time he checked on the calendar, the funeral was a week prior.

He was given administrative leave for the loss. It hit the department harder than he expected—hell, it hit him harder than he expected. He refused, at first, to take the leave.

He figured he could bury himself in desk work and it’d be okay.

But after some time (was it a half hour?) he would glance near the entrance and expect a man to come bouncing in, either with coffee or muffins, talking about the case they were on.

And every time he was stuck on a detail in a case, he wanted to call Sherlock. But every time he forgot, he would get the same message: the phone was out of service.

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