A Lesson In Order and Despair
A Lesson In Order and Despair hope's peak stories

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A Lesson In Order and Despair

When Kiyotaka Ishimaru first set foot in the well-polished hallways of Hope's Peak Academy, he saw sprawling before him a future of hope and success.

Inhaling deeply and letting his sturdy chest puff out with pride, the scent of order and disinfectant filled his lungs with optimism.

This was it, he told himself, enthusiastic red eyes scanning every single detail they could latch onto, this was the beginning of great things for the Super-High-School-Level Hall Monitor.

This was, in many ways, a fresh start for Kiyotaka. He came from a family of geniuses, whose success had almost solely relied on their inherited capabilities.

With little effort, they bloomed into great people of significant stature, none more so than his grandfather, the late Toranosuke Ishimaru.

Former Prime Minister of Japan, the man had run the country into the dirt and embroiled he and his family in several earth-shattering scandals that had haunted Kiyotaka since childhood.

The arrogance of the genius had a tendency to cause their own downfall, Kiyotaka noted. Thankfully, he himself was by no means a genius.

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