A Kiss to Build a Dream On
A Kiss to Build a Dream On kate andrews/betty mcrae stories

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A Kiss to Build a Dream On

"The Secretary of Defense regrets to inform you…" Kate set the note back down on the kitchen table, listening for signs of life within the house, but there were none.

She removed the feathered hat she'd worn to that night's concert and regretted not coming home when she didn't see her true number one fan in the audience.

Stepping slowly through the house, she passed her own bedroom on the way to the master, worried, oh so worried at what she'd find.

The worst would, of course, be Betty's blood or her lifeless body and Kate could feel her heart in agony, pounding painfully in her chest as she imagined it,

unable to help the flood of emotions for her friend, her closest friend.

The best would be Betty pretending everything was fine like she always did… which would she find?

The door was open when Kate reached it and she pushed it open slowly further to find the dweller on the bed, sprawled.

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