A kind word and a gun
A kind word and a gun alternate universe stories

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A kind word and a gun

It was as if time stood still.

”Let go of him!” Lizzie yelled as loudly as she could, but it had no effect on their attackers.

Her brother, John, tried to fight off a man who had knocked him to the ground, but to no avail, the man was bigger and stronger than John was. John didn’t stand a chance.

The second man, who was holding her arms pinned behind her back, was smaller but still too strong for her to fight off now that she had been taken by surprise.

He had her pressed up against the brick wall of one of the buildings surrounding them, so she had little room to move.

Finally, after what seemed like ages, she managed to twist enough to force her heel down on her attacker’s foot, making him loosen his grip on her.

Just as she came loose from the grip, a car drove down the alley and Lizzie yelled again and waved her arms, hoping help had come.

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