A Heart and a Half
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A short story by sinisterscribe posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Heart and a Half

Regina allowed her face –for just a second- to show the unutterable glee she felt at finally planting her fist into the vaunted deputy’s face.

That wet meaty sound of knuckles meeting cheek. She’d misjudged it –years out of practice.

She missed her nose and the stunning blow that would have allowed her to follow up with a killing strike.

Still, it was satisfaction defined to watch Miss Swan reel away from her with a commoner’s grunt of pain and surprise.

Regina watched her, head tilting. She read the body language, saw the dumb rage flash in the younger woman’s eyes.

Oh please, how had she ever made a living as a bonds person if she telegraphed everything as if it was in Vegas neon? The shift of the weight, pivoting on the ankle, hand balling.

Regina very nearly rolled her eyes but her own body was already twisting, her jaw turning. She took the hamfisted punch like a pro and staggered the bulk of the force off with a shrug.

She dropped the flowers and stumbled, not having counted on her heels. She sighed when Miss Swan cinched her arms around Regina from behind and dragged her towards her father’s mausoleum.

Stars burst behind her eyes when her skull rapped off the stone pillar. She could taste blood in her mouth and she felt the bloodlust rise.

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