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written piece by yukito adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Great Idea

“Dude, this is so going to work.” Sock perched on top of one of the big shelving units in the appliance aisle.

He was holding onto a rope that extended from his hand, across the aisle, and was tied to the handle of a refrigerator.

“I don’t know... There’s something about this that just screams a stupid idea.”

Sock looked over at Ben. “Listen, Benjamin. This plan is fool proof. Everybody likes The Muppets, right? They go out and buy all their stuff.

So, if we turn the fridge into a Muppet, then more people will want to buy it. Our quotas fill up, we get our holiday bonus. Then we’re all off to Vegas.”

“I don’t even like gambling.” Ben frowned.

Sam finished placing the two large googly eyes onto the refrigerator doors and gave Sock the ‘thumbs up’ from where he was positions on the floor.

He then stood back and they all waited until a customer came along.

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