A Girl Named Hope
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A Girl Named Hope

Hope had once said that she didn't believe in fairytales, but that wasn't necessarily true.

She didn't believe in unrealistic happy endings where everyone lived, but prince charmings were a whole another matter.

She hoped deep down that they still existed, but maybe that was a childhood dream.

Or at least that was what she thought until she had laid eyes on George Fabian Weasley.

When she had first met George, she had been surprised that he paid attention to her at all. Never before had anyone ever acknowledged her presence like that, but he did.

He tried his hardest to make her smile, to make her laugh. No one had ever done that for her.

He always listened to what she had to say as if her words were important. No one had ever done that.

He was sweet, and that was saying something.

Back in elementary school, Hope had always been the one that was picked on the most, but here, here there were too many students to worry about that, and even then,

Hope knew who her enemies were.

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