A game for Three
A game for Three hot threesome stories

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A game for Three

David did not like being home alone. Being in the house without Timo made David feel empty and cold inside. "Are you going to be alright while Juri and I are talking to the lawyers?" Timo asked.

David nodded, looking at his best friend over his cup of tea. "Good." Timo winked and closed the living door. David pulled his knee's up to his chest, shivering.

With Timo pulling the front door shut, David world grew a little colder. By the Time David heard Timo's car drive out of the street, he was shivering.

It took David no more then five minutes to grab his cellphone and diall Jan phonenumber. Jan picked up almost immideately.

"Hey Davi, what can I do for you?" Jan asked, his voice filled with giggles. "Timo just left and I wondered if you.. ahm.. could like, come over." David replied hessitantly.

Jan did not reply, instead it seemed the phone had rolled from his hand and he had broken down in a giggle fit. David sighed and waited for Jan to regain himself.

"Hello, David?" Linke's voice on the other line starteled David beyond mention. "Linke.. what are you doing with Jans phone?" David mumbled, trying to calm his racing heart.

"I took it from him so it won't break while I am pinning him down and tickeling him." Linke said cooingly. "You should see how he trashes, it is most endearing.

" David rolled his eyes at Linke's outdated choise of words. "Can you stop speak höh-Deutsch and drag your asses over to my house." He said. "On our way at once.

" Linkie said, before quickly hanging up the phone.

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