A Friendly Gathering of Foes
A Friendly Gathering of Foes seriousness present but totally mistreated stories

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A Friendly Gathering of Foes

Giovanni put down the invitation and sighed. This was the worst thing to ever happen to him in a long time. He got

. He was

to something. And he absolutely

Ghetsis Harmonia and really couldn't stand the guy ever since he met him during the PWT a year or two ago.

Giovanni nearly gagged as he read the invitation.

It was written in an overly fancy script and “Ghetsis Harmonia” took up half the page,

sticking out from all the other disgustingly elegant and pretentious words with its rainbow color text and Comic Sans font.

The stupid piece of paper came in an envelope sealed with what Giovanni guessed to be the Harmonia family crest.

Giovanni understood that Ghetsis was filthy stinkin’ rich and that the money he had was inherited and never seemed to end.

Giovanni also understood he could honestly never respect someone with more money than him and Ghetsis was just that someone.

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