A Friend in Need
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A Friend in Need

Alex observed the damage with the Chief Fire-fighter, and fuck the garage was virtually gutted.

All the surf boards, and bikes bar one were fire damaged, all tools beyond repair and he hadn't yet gone into the house but what was annoying him was the constant ringing of his cell.

It must have rung 20 times since he arrived home to find the fire-fighters dampening down the blaze.

Walking into the house, Alex sighed, whilst the damage wasn't like the damage in garage it was still pretty bad, black smoke was sitting along the walls of the back of the house,

plus water was pooling along the floors where they made sure there were no hot spots.

The phone rang again and this time a pissed of Alex picked it up, not bothering to look who was ringing “What?”

“Jesus Al,” came a panicked sounded Scotty “I've been calling you for like forever, Justin messaged me to say there was an explosion at yours, he didn't want me reading it on TMZ.

I've been trying to get hold of you since make sure you and the kids are okay? I know you were supposed to be on set but Christ man, I couldn't get hold of you.

” Scott Caan finally came up for air

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