A Fool at the Right Time
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A Fool at the Right Time

—Swiss Proverb

What do you get the man who lives like a monk and doesn't want anything?

That was the question Amanda asked herself in the waning days of the year, when thoughts of gratitude and Christmas presents weighed heavily on her mind.

Duncan had been very good indeed these last few years. Nick would probably be dead by now if it wasn't for him, and that wasn't something Amanda was likely to forget.

She wanted to show her appreciation.

Problem was, the things that made Duncan happy couldn't be bought.

She'd already given up stealing and gone straight (for some value of straight), and she didn't have any spare racehorses to give away.

He never turned down her usual methods of thanking him, but this year, she wanted to give him something special.

Something he wouldn't ask for himself, but that only his oldest and dearest friend Amanda could provide.

In the old days, it would have been easy.

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