A Flower Among Gems
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A Flower Among Gems

The small figure curled up in her crate as she listened to the sounds of crunching snow and the jeers of the orcs.

Maybe she would die before they brought her to their master, or maybe they would get tired of her and just kill her. It’d be heaven in comparison to this.

Billanna Baggins was a 21-year-old she-hobbit and had previously been living in the Shire with her parents.

Now, she was a prisoner, kidnapped by orcs that had attacked her and her parents while they had been at the river to collect ice, heading north so she could be a toy to their leader.

With the thought of her parents, tears gathered in her eyes, though she wasn’t sure where she had found the reserves to produce such tears. But with the tears came the horrible memories

And still that darkness was her companion; though she was jostled to and fro with the movements of the wrag her crate was strapped on, scrapping against the rough wood.

She didn’t know how long it had been, but it had to be at least a few weeks or so.

The orcs were still talking in their own tongue, sounding like they were arguing, and Billa shuddered, pulling her jacket closer to her, but cold still ate at her. Nothing would warm her now.

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