A Fiendishly Sweet Collection
A Fiendishly Sweet Collection dan avidan/brian wecht stories

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A Fiendishly Sweet Collection

Brian groaned as he ran his fingers through his hair. He crumpled up another piece of paper and threw it at the overflowing trash can near by.

He had been working on the lyrics to the new NSP song all day and he came up with nothing.

He told Dan the day before that he would take most of the music workload today so that Dan can catch up on Game Grumps episodes with Arin.

He regrets it though. Lyrics weren’t coming to mind so he went to his keyboard and stared at it. Maybe if he tries to play a melody something would come to him.

He cracked his fingers and played a few notes, hated it and nearly smashed the keyboard. He kicked the trash can full of paper, sending it flying.

“Fuck! God Dammit! Shit Fuck!” Brian cursed.

This never happened to him. He never had a creative block this bad. Did be not get enough sleep last night? He thought he did.

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