A Fete Worse than Death
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A Fete Worse than Death

“You should do something for the summer fete, love,”

Kieren was miles away, six feet under in his thoughts, and didn’t hear his mother until Jem kicked him under the dinner table and he jolted back to the land of the living.

“What? Sorry,”

“Your mother was just saying you should do something for the fete,” his dad repeated in between mouthfuls of lasagna.

“Like what? I don’t think someone like me would be trusted with a float,” Kieren muttered.

“Hey, don’t be daft,” Steve dismissed. “It’d be fun,”

Kieren hummed a non-committal reply. He didn’t exactly feel like spending an afternoon on a playing field with people who looked at him as if he was something they’d just stepped in.

“Maybe you could do something with Simon,” Jem suggested. “Or Phil,”

It seemed as if his family wasn’t going to let the matter drop, so he conceded with a half-hearted, “I’ll think about it.”

“Stop fidgeting.”

“I’m not fidgeting,”

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