A Feeling We Shouldn't Have
A Feeling We Shouldn't Have romance stories

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A short story by turnaboutemotions adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Feeling We Shouldn't Have

"Hrm... Not so loud, now... Can't you see I'm trying to get some rest?"

"Father Nightroad! Please get up! It's embarrassing to see you passed out like this..."

The priest blinked his orbits open a couple of times before seeing a white figure hovering over the man. "Ah, Esther. It's good to see you again. Why are you up this early, though?"

"Eh... Might I remind you that it is

evening, and I should be the one asking the questions here," the ginger-haired lady would then emit a quiet sigh, "So, let us try this again....

What made you decide to take a nap upon the steps of the church, hm?"

Abel sat up while yawning rather loudly. "Uh... I must admit that I do not have a proper answer to that question of yours..." "Clueless as always..."


Esther watched Abel closely while his complexion shifted from tiredness to complete softness from just seeing the nun.

That same expression of the priest's always made the woman's heart pitter-pat in a way that made her feelings become conflicted with one another.

Without hesitation, Esther finally decided to take a seat right beside the man as they both sat in complete silence while the earthly sounds took over, "Esther?

" Abel would ask, "Did you come out here to talk business with me? Or is it that you were worried someone would come and beat me to a pulp while I slept like a little doggie?"

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