A Favorable Union
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A Favorable Union

Danny watched from the gallery as Steve presided over his Parliament. There was no doubt that Steve was a great king, a great leader.

He cared deeply and passionately about his kingdom; the land, the history, the people.

They were in a period of prosperity attributed to Steve's father, but it was a legacy Steve was building on and improving. The people loved him. To some, he could do no wrong.

But Danny knew differently.

The proud smile on his face faltered though his own aides did not notice.

Steve was a terrible husband.

Since their marriage (arranged, naturally), Steve had concentrated on cementing himself as king and had all but ignored their relationship.

Danny had traveled far for this. For him. The arrangement had been simple.

In Danny's own kingdom, he was 'the spare' - his sister was to rule as Queen when it passed to their generation (though both parents were still alive and well and long may that continue).

As was standard in Royal society, Danny and his younger siblings were pawns in a game, used to further treaties with other kingdoms ostensibly in the name of peace,

but more accurately in the name of trade agreements, free passage and allies if necessary during conflicts.

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