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A Fangirl Tale

It all started when several entertainment companies decided to hold competitions for several fans to meet their favorite idols, namely SM, YG, BigHit, JYP, and Jellyfish.

Somehow I had managed to win every single one.

Now before these competitions I had never won anything in my life, like yeah I got participation awards but didn't everybody?

The only reason I'm saying this is because I didn't want someone to think that I always win everything I enter.

I was just incredibly lucky to win five different competitions held by five different companies.

Seriously, I double and triple checked the emails to make sure someone wasn't just pulling my leg.

When I found out I'd won the first one (SM Entertainment) I went to my college advisor and worked it out with her to transfer to the university in South Korea that my school had

an exchange program with for my degree (this part was mostly planned ahead of time because she already knew I wanted to finish my last year in Seoul but it was also a bit spur of

the moment because it was only half-way through my junior year.

) Once that was started I was headed back to my dorm room when I got the other emails telling me I had won the competitions that YG, Jellyfish, BigHit, and JYP held.

I'm really glad my roommate Chaejin was there or else I probably would have passed out. Now just a little backstory on Chaejin. She's been my best friend and roommate since freshman year.

She's Korean-American and we bonded over our love of the country, k-pop, and a few other things. We've basically been inseparable since. Like we would spend holidays at each other's houses.

I remember the first holiday I spent with her and her family all they would speak was Korean so I became fluent pretty fast.

Now, back to the point of the story; my trip and experiences in South Korea. My flight landed at Incheon Airport at around 8pm so I headed to my hotel after I rounded up all my bags.

As soon as everything was in my room, I flopped on the bed and fell asleep.

My first fan meet (and audition) was at SM and my hotel was only a few blocks away so I decided to walk and enjoy the fresh air.

When I got to the building there was a lot of people gathered on the other side of the street and I knew they were fans and possibly some saesangs among them.

I ducked my head and walked up to the guard at the door. I showed him my pass and he let me in after checking my bag (but let's be honest I would

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