A Dream of being Chased.
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He has a dream of being chased. He's sleeping in your arms when it happens,
By pmprince https://www.reddit.com/r/...

A Dream of being Chased.

by pmprince

He has a dream of being chased.

He's sleeping in your arms when it happens,

the slow drone of his breath catching

as the figure shows up

at his heels.

His face twitches,

and his arm comes up and grabs

at the air

because he just can not move fast enough.

He wakes with a start,

like stone between your arms

as his chilly eyes stare

into the darkness

he calculates if he's in danger,

knowing well

that it is just you behind him.

You loosen your hold

and let him roll

to stare at the ceiling

and answer his own questions.

"I had a bad dream," he says as he stares at your ceiling.

"What was it about?"

You ask but you already know.

"I was being chased,

by something..someone.

He was very big. Everything was.

I was..."

He pauses.

"Crawling," You answer.


he repeats. He sighs.

He wants to ask you how you know,

but he's smart enough realize

that this has happened before.

He puts his head

back in the curve of your arm and closes his eyes.

He's quickly off to sleep.

You stay up, watch,

hope with all your heart

that he won't

wake up with a start

because he feels the bad man watching.

And that you won't ask his name,

because you know it's George

and know he wouldn't

be able

to tell you,


You let him go to sleep,

because he won't remember this tomorrow.

He slips away, his past following right behind him.

He lives a dream of being chased.

You love someone who can't even remember his father's name.

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