A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes panic at the disco stories

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A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Dear Blue Eyes,

I guess I just have to face it. Guys like you just don't exist. I've burned holes in the soles of my feet just roaming, looking for you.

It's all been kind of bleak and gray, this journey, but I always feel like there's a light there at the end of the road. A bright colorful light with flashes of pink and green and blue.

Blue for your eyes. There's a lot of blue there at the end. Like walking into a world sculpted of sapphire.

I've been pulling away from people lately. From my family, from school, friends.

. I've been pulling away from her the most. I don't think she's noticed yet, what with her vanity and such, but in due time. Here's hoping.

Because if she doesn't realize that we're growing apart, I think I'd feel a great deal worse than if she did.

It'll be a funny thing to explain, you know, when people start to

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