A Dinner Together
A Dinner Together jake green stories

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A Dinner Together

A Dinner Together

A story in the 'A Series' of Jericho Fan Fictions

By Moo Chapman

Jake had spent most of the morning searching Jericho and the area directly surrounding it for flowers, but he found nothing suitable to take to Heather.

He couldn't turn up to dinner at her house empty handed.

Desperation was the only thing that drove Jake to ask his best friend, Stanley Richmond, to help him, a fact that he regretted within seconds of seeing said friend.

Jake described his dilemma but this ended in his oldest friend laughing at him and then getting hit on the shoulder by his, well whatever Mimi is to him.

After half an hour's teasing from both of the Richmonds Mimi ordered Stanley to give Jake a bottle of wine.

Stanley promptly did as ordered and got a bottle of wine and handed it over to Jake. Jake thanked Mimi, and kicked Stanley's leg as he walked past.

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