A Different Kind of Normal
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A Different Kind of Normal

Sawada Nanako learned fairly quickly that her family wasn’t normal.

The first instance she could remember was when she wanted to bring a katana to school for Show and Tell.

“But whyyyyy?”

Her father sighed. “Because, Nanako, you can’t bring a weapon to school.”

“But whyyy?”

“Because someone might get hurt.”

Nanako gave Shin an offended look. “Grandpa taught me how to hold a ‘tana right. I won’t get hurt.”

Shin bit back a grin. “Grandfather taught you how to hold a katana

. And other people might get hurt. Not everyone knows how to be safe around weapons.”


“Because not every family has katanas.” Shin answered patiently.

Nanako’s eyes grew wide. “Some peoples don’t have ‘tanas?”

people don’t have katanas.”

She stared at her dad as if he had sprouted horns. “They

He shook his head. Trying to wrap her head around this earth-shattering information, Nanako checked on all the other things she considered normal.

“Do most peoples have… have… grandpas?”

Shin laughed. “Yes, Nanako, most people have grandpas.”

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