A Day Like Many Days
A Day Like Many Days darien fawkes/bobby hobbes stories

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A Day Like Many Days

Darien parked outside Bobby's house and got out of the car, taking an extra moment to lock it up, mostly just to let the anticipation build up a bit more.

Sometimes a dinner invitation was just a dinner invitation -- but lately sometimes it was more, even sometimes when they didn't have a burst of case-related adrenaline to burn off.

He walked up to the front door, buzzing a bit off the fluttering in his stomach,

not knowing which way tonight was going to go but knowing it would be fun whether it was just food and a game on tv, or food and a more hands-on kinda game.

He gave a perfunctory knock and walked in, the scents of fresh bread and pot roast welcoming him a second before Bobby's shouted, "Fawkes? That you?"

"It's me," he agreed, making his way to the kitchen. "Jeez, Hobbes, that smells amazing." He inhaled deeply, quicksilvering his hand to pilfer a warm roll out of the basket on the counter.

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