A Crack in Her Heart
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fan work by peacefulvillage adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A Crack in Her Heart

Aurora walked numbly to the beanstalk. She had never felt so helpless. Phillip was dead, her people were killed by an evil witch, and she was all alone.

Aurora wasn’t strong like the others were. Emma was so tough and Mulan was a great warrior. Snow could take down an ogre with a single arrow. Aurora couldn’t do any of that.

She could only fall into the same trap her mother did and had to wait for someone to rescue her.

“Hello Princess,” A voice said and Aurora turned and saw Hook coming up next to her. He looked a lot different than she last saw him, but he had been in a disguise then.

“What do you want Killian?” Aurora asked.

“Were you really going to let them leave me to die?” Hook asked in return.

“You allied yourself with the woman who killed what was left of my kingdom, did you expect mercy from me?” Aurora replied, “And I looked back didn’t I?

It isn’t my fault Emma could see through you.” Killian nodded. “Are you going to tell them we are equated?”

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