A cosplay a little too much realistic
A cosplay a little too much realistic first time stories

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A written piece by sadshadow89 adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

A cosplay a little too much realistic

"Wait" squeal Bilbo as he scrambled up fighting against the fabric of the bag, it's dangerously threatening to steal what little balance that he had managed to acquire in getting up,

and cautiously approached the bonfire where the three trolls were roasting the dwarves.

It was pure instinct action, quite little "hobbitish", he did not know exactly what he wanted to do but he knew he had to take time.

If they could hold out until dawn, perhaps the trolls would have turned to stone or perhaps Gandalf would be able to get there on time to save them.

Unfortunately there was a high probability that he would only be able to extend their lives for a few hours and nothing more.

"You are making a terrible mistake" in his mind Bilbo jotted that probably this sentence, in the current situation, it was more congenial to his behavior to that of the trolls.

What had ever crossed my mind? Begin rebuke three large trolls about to roast and eat of the dwarves was totally insane.

But Bilbo could not stand still waiting for his fate while in front of his eyes those who he had begun to consider friends were going to die atrociously.

He knew that his heart would be turned off before the end if forced to also attend just the death of one of the dwarves.

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