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"Matty what is the meaning of life?" "There is no meaning to this thing you call life."
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A conversation with my cat


"Matty what is the meaning of life?"

"There is no meaning to this thing you call life."

"But you're a cat, how do you know this?"

"I am a cat, and you are a human. But we are also the same."

"What do you mean, wise feline?"

"There is only one piece of knowledge that we know is true, and it is the only fact in our universe worthy of consideration.

It is this: when the universe began, you, and I, and everything you can see - and even things you cannot - were the same.

You, and the man collecting your garbage, were created from the same particle of matter, smaller than a grain of sand, yet heavier than the sun.

From that particle came everything in existence in this small but significant universe. It is human invention that makes you believe we are different.

When you are kind to another person, you are kind to yourself. Inversely, when you hate a patron of your work, you also hate yourself. This is not religion, nor philosophy, it is the truth.

This is all I know - this is what gives life and existence beauty beyond measure."

"Wait, Matty, are you speaking English?"

"I am speaking an ancient language, human, but I will never speak it again. Remember my purrs, for they will guide you, until everything is one again."

Matty then pooped in his litter box and slept by the fireplace.

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