A collection of works
A collection of works the water diviner. stories

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A collection of works

The guns fell silent, the bells fell silent. The only sound was that of weeping.

A whole nation crying for the lost. Brought together by grief.

Trying to picture a land far away, a lonely soldier lying in a bloody field.  Remember the lost, remember those who remain.

They live with the horrors of war, we live with the grief.  A nation who stands as one will be strong enough to fight anything.

I am a ghost by your side, the perfect imperfection.

The shadow in your eye, the smoke you try to catch.

I am the best thing to happen to you and yet the worse.

My love will hurt you, but in the end it will heal you.

To feel, to open yourself up, to believe.

I am the assassin, I am the lover, I am the sister and the daughter. I am many things. But most of all I am love....

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